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eastlands matt bucket

Weather Protect Acrylic Matt

An extremely high performance matt acrylic emulsion, formulated to give good
flow properties resulting in a matt finish.

  • Smooth luxury matt finish
  • Excellent durability
  • High resistance to fungi, mould and algae growth
  • Excellent water resistance and binding power

Available Sheen  Semi Gloss

eastlands silk bucket

Weather Protect Acrylic Silk

SEMI-GLOSS FINISH Lustrous, rich finish ideal for higher traffic and often cleaned areas. Use on walls, trim, properly prepared drywall, plaster, masonry, brick and wood. Our Silk applies smoothly and provides excellent adhesion, durability and coverage.

• Durable, lustrous finish
• Withstands wear, indoors and out
• Excellent hide & silky smooth appearance

Available Sheen  Gloss & High Gloss

eastlands emulsion bucket

Classic Acrylic Emulsion

EASTLANDS emulsion paint is designed for tropical weather, both for internal and external applications. It is fortified with light, fast and weather-stable pigments with a guarantee to deliver top quality smooth finish.

  • Good workability and durability
  • Affordable
  • Acrylic based formulation

Available Sheen  Flat

texcote eastlands


TEXCOTE is a good quality weather resistant decorative coating with a coarse texture that bridges hairline cracks and hides surface imperfections. It contain marble stone dust.
• High quality textured coating
• Long lasting
• Provides patterned appearance on wall with pattern roller

Available Sheen  Sand, Fine &. Coarse 

wall putty eastlands

Acrylic Wall Putty

Say goodbye to cracks and dents with special acrylic binders of this putty. This water-based concrete putty has good alkali resistance, making it suitable for new walls and giving it a smooth finish. It has lesser porosity as compared to conventional putty thus enhancing wall breathability and paint performance.

Available Sheen  Flat

enamel gloss

Gloss Enamel

Eastlands Premium Gloss Enamel offers a durable sheen that is perfect for interior and exterior decoration and protection.

Available Sheen  High Gloss

primer red oxide

Red Oxide Primer

A matt red oxide metal protective primer that contains zinc oxide rust inhibitors.  Ideal for over-coating with a range of top coat finishes. In particular Eastlands Gloss Enamel Paint is  a very suitable ‘belt and braces’ solution as the gloss finish also contains rust inhibitors.

  • For tanks and all structural steel work.
  • Contains zinc chlorate and phosphate corrosion inhibitors.
  • Galvanised metal should be acid etched or well weathered to ensure adhesion.

Available Sheen  Matt

eastlands screed paint

Screed Paint

EASTLANDS Screed Paint is a professional-quality paint designed for both, internal and external screeding of walls. Reinforced with white dolomite and weather stable pigments, it provides an excellent appearance on walls.

  • Used for casting and POP preparation
  • Resistance to fungi, mould and algae growth
  • Excellent bonding with POP
  • Available in 20L, 150L and 180L
  • Acrylic Based

Available Sheen  Flat